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Alvarado’s Mexican Cantina

Alvarado’s Mexican Cantina provides a destination environment for the complete Mexican experience. Their a la carte restaurant is open daily from 5pm and serves the very best Mexican food, freshly prepared on the premises. Lunchtime and casual dining are also available in the comfortable bar area, open from 11am.


Tacos de Carnitas (GF) From the Michoacan región of Central Mexico, these tacos are served with diced roast pork, green salsa, green limes, chopped onions and fresh coriander. $26

Chiles Rellenos (GF) SIGNATURE DISH Famous all over Mexico, it is hard to find a more traditional dish than these stunning stuffed chilli peppers with grilled cheese and sour cream, filled with your choice of chicken, beef or prawn* (*available for $2 extra). $26.50

Gringo Nachos (tex-mex) (GF) Border style nachos with hand-made corn chips, melted cheese, black beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. Three different flavours available, chicken, beef or vegetarian. $24

Enchiladas (GF) MUST TRY These are corn tortillas rolled around a chicken filling and covered with a sauce. Alvarado’s now offers you a choice of green tomatillo sauce, red salsa or mole poblano sauce. You shouldn’t miss out on our unique enchiladas. Served with rice and beans. $24.50

Quesadillas Served in every Mexican home. These cheese filled flour tortillas are served with your choice of chicken, beef, prawns, or spinach and mushroom. Folded and lightly toasted to perfection. $24.50

Pescado a la Veracruzana (GF) This dish is the best example of “jarochos” (people from Veracruz) cuisine. This Spanish influenced fish is baked and served with cooked tomato, olives, spices served on a bed of diced potato dressed with a mild creamy chipotle sauce. $29

Conchinita Pibil (GF) This is a tradtional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula and of Mayan origin. The pork is marinated in acidic citrus juice and achiote and accompanied with mild red onion sauce and served with corn tortillas, refried beans and salad. $27

Filete a la tampiqueña (GF) A rib eye steak with caramelised onion on top and served with a deep fried chicken taquito dressed in salsa verde. Accompanied by pico de gallo, refried beans and salad. $29

Tacos Pastor Homemade corn tortillas filled with lamb, marinated in Mexican spices, whole beans, grilled pineapple, lime, coriander and onion and salsa verde. $26

77 Stevens Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
03 374 4149