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Christchurch Symphony Orchestra: Winter 2017

As Christchurch dives into the winter months, the CSO has the music you need to keep yourself cosy.

Sparkling baroque music is just the thing to cheer up these gloomy evenings when the fog rolls in, and they’ve selected the best in Beca Winter Series: The Beauty of Baroque in the Transitional Cathedral on July 1.

And what better time to delve into a murder mystery than when the nights are dark and full of terrors? From the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events comes some calamitous (here meaning disastrous, heartbreaking, and devastating) news. Someone’s killed the composer and the Inspector must dig deep to unearth alibis and expose motives, all with Lemony Snicket’s characteristic humour, in Leighs Construction CSO Presents: Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead, in association with Eliot Sinclair (July 19).

In August they’re delighted to welcome back the Silver-Garburg Piano Duo to perform Poulenc’s Concerto For Two Pianos in D Minor in a Euro-flavoured concert that will take you from Paris to Warsaw and eastwards to Estonia in Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Europa (August 5).

Spring starts with a bang as internationally acclaimed cellist Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt takes the stage as both soloist and director, leading the CSO in an eponymous concert celebrating the grand masters of the classical and romantic periods in the second of the Beca Artist Series (September 2). Then things move onto the explosive virtuosity of one of Russia’s most celebrated composers in Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Tchaikovsky 5 (September 16).

After the dark events of recent times and the uncertainties of the current world, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is a timely and timeless celebration of the brotherhood of all people and a universal call for freedom (October 14).

Concert Calendar JUN – OCT 2017

Beca Winter Series: The Beauty of Baroque 1st July
Leighs Construction CSO Presents: Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead 19th July
Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Europa 5th August
Beca Artist Series: Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt 2nd September
Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Tchaikovsky 5 16th September
Lamb & Hayward Masterworks: Ode To Joy 14th October


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