Home to the renowned World Buskers Festival in Christchurch, Hokitika’s Wild Food Festival, Queenstown’s Winter Festival, Napier’s Art Deco Festival and the World of Wearable Art (to name a few), New Zealand boasts a busy events’ calendar where explosive cultural concerts join thrilling outdoor events, live music and more.

New Zealanders love socialising and the big occasion and consequently, there’s almost always something good that’s bound to be on near you – just take your pick! Catch big international acts or local-up-and-comers in the music scene in pubs and stadiums across the land, gain insight into local culture by attending a professional theatre production or a locally-made film,  or head to one of many well-regarded art galleries around the country or the nearest museum to see what’s on exhibition.

All cultured out for the moment? Kiwis are into sport in a big way, and the big game is never too far away (try to see the All Blacks play while you’re here for a quintessentially New Zealand experience). Alternatively you can get to one of  the hundreds of themed festivals and special events held all over the country all-year round – there’s one to cater to almost any interest, and some of them are effectively gigantic parties! 

Finally, there are a number of different iconic, uniquely New Zealand events (often held annually) that the locals have embraced  in a big way for all the right reasons. Jump at any chance you might get to attend one of these Kiwi classics – it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed.