Queenstown Winter Festival

A highlight of the national events calendar each year, Queenstown’s  celebration of winter features the wild, the wacky and the utterly ridiculous.

The internationally renowned annual festival in the cold months draws thousands to the Otago winter resort town to participate and gape at its many spectacles; the traditional opening fireworks display (pictured)  and Festival street parade, and craziness like downhill Suitcase Races and Midwinter Swims in Lake Wakatipu.

Be warned, though, this is a festival that doesn’t pause for breath: with a host of wildly varying events packed in, you may need a few days to recover!

Keep an eye on www.winterfestival.co.nz. for scheduling information releases as we approach winter 2017.

22 June 2017 until 25 June 2017 · Queenstown, Otago