Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

Hokitika’s annual extravaganza of gourmet bushtucker, the world-famous Hokitika Wildfoods Festival has become an iconic New Zealand celebration of the West Coast’s natural food sources where staples like whitebait, wild pig, game meats and local brews join more exotic offerings like wasp larvae ice cream, magpie pie, worm burgers and gumboot milkshakes.

Fittingly held on the Wild West Coast, the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is iconic for its balls-(yes, they’re on the menu too)-of-steel nature, and has become calendar fave on the foodie and events circuits. Whether you’re guzzling horse semen shots, gnawing on sheep ‘nads, knocking back a worm truffle or watching someone else do it, there’s no end of entertainment (which also includes live music – as well as cooking demos throughout the day, and the hotly contested Feral Fashion title).

You’ll need a cast-iron stomach and a sense of adventure, but you’re guaranteed to find something to expand your palate, and the afterparty is also the stuff of legend!

Find out more at www.wildfoods.co.nz.

Wildfoods Festival
11 March 2017 · Cass Square, Hokitika, 7810, New Zealand