7 pro tips to stay in shape over summer

7 pro tips to stay in shape over summer

Fitness pro Kyla at Studio Six Private Training believes a few easy wins can keep you in top shape through the summer.

Drink up. The sun’s out, you’re moving more – time to make sure you’re getting that 1.5 litres of the good stuff. When you’re dehydrated, your body starts to think you’re hungry, when really you just need a big old glass of H2O.

Stay organised. Make sure you’ve got healthy food options prepped. When we’re hungry, we usually rush to convenience food, which tends to be unhealthy.

Stick to healthy snacks. There are some super-tasty healthy options. Kyla recommends Sweet Chilli Philly or hummus with carrot sticks and rice crackers. How about half a palmful of nuts and seeds, or some popcorn? Try to add protein into your snacks, as it means you can eat fewer calories and feel fuller.

Allocate certain days to exercise. Monday: gym. Thursday: swim. Even if it’s only a few days a week, having a schedule keeps you accountable.

Get into BBQs. Summer is great for healthy eating, with BBQs over long nights accompanied by fresh summer salads. Try to stick to non-fatty protein, like steak and chicken, rather than sausages, and look for healthy salad dressing.

Balance your big nights. If you know you’ll be having a calorie-heavy night out, try to balance it with a healthy lunch that’s high in protein.

Try something new. A new year is a great excuse to switch up your exercise regimen. Get outside, keep it fresh, and find something you love.




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