Get skin like a... dolphin?

Get skin like a... dolphin?

Trust us, dolphin skin is coming in. Sometimes called ‘glass skin’, this is all about making your face look like the dewy, wet skin of a majestic dolphin. We ask Probeauty what this is all about.

Tell us about this glass-skin look. One of the latest trends to come out of Korea, glass skin is all about achieving a luminous, clear and dewy complexion. The first step is using an active skincare routine including a gentle cleanser, serums to tackle signs of ageing, dryness and pigmentation (such as retinol, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid) and a nourishing, hydrating moisturiser.

What products should we use to achieve this look? Finish what you started in your skincare routine with a hydrating and dewy-finish foundation that isn’t too heavy. It still needs to look natural!

We love Suntegrity’s 5 in 1 Natural Moisturising Face Sunscreen, as well as the Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation from Quoi Makeup. For the final touch, skip the powder and instead add a couple drops of O Cosmedics 1Skin Glow Booster Drops to the cheekbones to achieve a luminous glow without shimmer, creating that ethereal glass skin look.

If you’re looking for advice on active skincare products, head to Probeauty’s advanced beauty hub for advice on finding the best serums and ingredients to help land your dream complexion (pro tip: every skin type has different needs).



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