James Smith is not your life coach

James Smith is not your life coach

Loud, crass and with a no-holds-barred attitude, personal trainer and fitness guru James Smith is heading to New Zealand in 2021 to change your life.

James Smith has a uniquely irreverent approach to tackling toxic myths surrounding the ‘normal life’ and our quest for happiness and fulfilment. His presentations are controversial, yet thoughtful and authentic, and might speak to you in a way no self-helper ever has before. Known for his outspoken and offbeat style, James will pass on concepts to rearrange your thinking, break through your limits, and change your life. As you might suspect, James is not your typical life coach, and he is not here to solve your problems, but with an erudite mix of hard truths and tough love, teach you how to reset your thought processes and help you find your own success.

“I'm incredibly excited to be hitting the road in Australia and New Zealand,” James says. “In a world where people are so caught up with how they look, they can often overlook how they feel, how they see the world, how they see success and how they judge their own progress. I will show people how to accomplish more, and how to have a different outlook on life with every chapter. From mental wealth, relationships and motivation, to uncovering why playing it safe by society’s standards can be tremendously risky. I'm not your life coach, but I reckon I can change your life.”

This refreshingly no-holds-barred talk will cover everything from self-worth and mental “wealth” all the way to comfort zones, escapism, values, and even relationships.

The UK-born author is touring his new book, Not a Life Coach, the follow-up to international bestseller Not a Diet Book. He has an international following of fans and recently toured with sell-out shows across Australia. This will be his first visit to New Zealand.

Auckland, SKYCITY Theatre, Friday 12 February

Christchurch Town Hall, Saturday 13 February



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