Mod's Hair: The French connection

Mod's Hair: The French connection

Mod’s Hair in Merivale, Christchurch transcends the idea of a hair salon.

Luminous and transcendent, it’s Christchurch’s home of French-style hair, it’s a place to relax with a glass of champagne from the fully- licensed Perrier-Jouët champagne bar, and it’s at times a transitional space or art gallery.

The stylists are sent to Paris to train in the latest cutting and styling techniques, and bring their experiences back to the salon. It’s not just about learning from the masters at the Mod’s Hair academy in Paris, says owner Julianne Liebeck, it’s about feeling the vibe of the French capital and the people who inhabit it.

“The Parisians are more self-assured,” she says. “They have a way of carrying themselves. They’re not very trend-based, they’re quite classic and they stick to the simple things. It’s a lot more natural and elegant. The French are so good at that effortless style.”

That style, and more picked up from training missions to style hubs like New York, carries across to Mod’s here in Christchurch. It’s never ‘just’ a haircut, and it’s never about overdoing it, or trying too hard. It’s about working with the natural movement of the hair to create a natural look. Chic. Soft. Subtle.

The salon also stocks a range of hair products specially selected for high performance. “We don’t just choose things with attractive packaging. Everything has to be tested and proven before we even look at it,” Julianne says. “And it’s really important for us to have a prescriptive range for real problems with people’s hair and scalp.”

Julianne first encountered the Mod’s brand when living overseas. As a hairdresser with little formal training, the cutting-edge techniques developed by Mod’s Hair were game changing. She went on to become a head educator in Europe, based in Athens. After 12 years, she wanted to bring the brand home. Julianne opened the salon in Merivale in 2003, bringing balayage – at the time a ground-breaking technique – with her from Paris to New Zealand.

This French connection supplies Mod’s with two collections every year – one for summer and one for winter – forming an extensive historical catalogue of techniques and styles from the heart of world fashion.

Julianne’s spring/summer picks and tips

Style Long hair has been in for a while, and it’s been getting shorter over time. Now it’s beautiful short bobs, which can be done in curls or straight, cut just below the chin. I’m seeing a lot of celebrities doing it.

Colours Natural is in. Go with lived-in blondes and root smudges to make it look ‘yours’.

Hair care tip Alternate your shampoos. Have two. A lot of people who use only a strengthening, protein-based shampoo find their hair gets hard and brittle over time, and alternating in a moisture-based shampoo will do the trick. People with oily hair should mix it up too, because if you always use the same type of shampoo your hair gets used to it and returns to its previous oiliness.

Something to love about spring in Christchurch It’s all about the light for us. The light, the shine, it just makes everyone feel happy.




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