Q&A: Magician Jarred Fell

Q&A: Magician Jarred Fell

Witty, naughty and razor-sharp, Jarred Fell is coming to Christchurch to premiere his new show, Again. He talks street magic and sleight of hand with Cityscape.

How did you get into magic? I was 11 years old in Las Vegas, with my parents of course! We saw a magician foot a dollar bill in a magic shop in The STRAT Hotel and I was hooked from then, making my parents take me to David Copperfield and buying every magic book under the sun. My first lesson in magic was from a cross-dresser in Charing Cross station at one of the oldest magic shops in London.

Tricks or illusions? Oooh, I’m more of a trick kinda guy. This show will be tricks, but mainly tricks of the mind. I love to watch illusions but I believe, with magic, you should be able to pick up anything around you and perform an impossible effect. It’s hard to lug around illusions and assistants all the time.

What can we expect to see at your Again performance at the Buskers Festival? Again will be full of post-Covid ideas with a sprinkling of old classics.

What do you hope fans take away from your performance? I truly hope people walk away from this show with a different and positive outlook on the world today as it is, but also with a sense of wonder. We all need a smile and a good laugh, and I aim to give them just that.

What type of preparation goes into your shows? Well, thanks to Covid, I have had a lot of time to prepare and practise sleight of hand. This show will be very rehearsed as I truly have had nothing else to do.

What are you planning for your free time in Christchurch? I’ll be filming around the city landmarks – street magic-style – for my social media, but mainly to explore and see how far Christchurch has come. I love this city.

What’s the best and worst thing about your job? The best thing is most definitely making people laugh and wonder. The worst part is when it’s over.

How did you get into this industry? It was a street comedian magician, Nick Nicholas, who introduced me to the comedy scene. He dared me to get on stage at The Classic in Auckland and, once I hit that stage, I never looked back.

Fave place you’ve performed at? I have loved performing in Christchurch in past years and festivals, but my absolute favourite places would have to be Las Vegas, Los Angeles and my number one - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What’s a highlight of your career so far? Appearing on NBC’s Bring the Funny on US TV in 2019, getting to meet so many amazing people, and filming at Universal Studios. Second would have to be working the VIPs at Guns N’ Roses’ NZ tour in 2017.

Best way to relax and unwind? I love rock music – any live bands, I’m all about. I also love running and hitting the gym to clear the head.

Are there any other Buskers Festival acts you’re hoping to catch? I love Paul Klaass! He is a hidden gem in circus entertainment in New Zealand – that boy has skills.

Who’s a comedian who gets you rolling on the floor? So many great acts to name. The last people to make me fall off my chair laughing were Rhys Darby and Grant Lobban. More recently, I’ve really been enjoying Kevin Hart’s latest stuff.

Fri 15 - Sun 17 January, Sixty6 on Peterborough, Christchurch Casino

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