Heat your foodie spaces with this season's colours

Image: Wendy Fenwick

Image: Wendy Fenwick

Rebecca Long

Heat your foodie spaces with this season's colours

Resene consultant Rebecca Long tells What's Hot New Zealand how to bring some fire into your kitchen – and dining area – with a lick of colour.

Kitchen and dining spaces are gaining more warmth as they rebel against the cool, steely greys of previous years. Subtle nuances are being celebrated and rooms are beginning to beam with dimension and character. While these spaces are commonly used to cook up a storm or catch up with friends and family, many are also using them as a temporary home office.

With an increase in use and desire for comfort, we are seeking warmer hues to keep us energised and upbeat. Layer contemporary, desert hues such as Resene Cashmere with smoked terracottas such as Resene Sunbaked for a tonal, sunset effect. Introduce washed timbers, burnished coppers, moss greens and textured rugs to create a natural sanctuary.

Experiment with rosy, earth hues such as Resene Blanc and complement with grounded, smoked browns such as Resene Artisan or Resene Route 66. Pair with upcycled, rattan furniture and plush, comfortable fabrics. Coat your walls in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom for enamel-style toughness and anti-bacterial silver protection.

Contrast is king

Warmer hues can contrast and bring energy to spaces with a cooler base too. Rich vintage artwork, dome pendants, clay-hued accessories and brushed golds will bring vibrance to creamy white kitchen joinery, raw concrete and timbers coated with Resene Colorwood Whitewash.

Pastel flashback

Celebrate nostalgia and experiment with a range of decorative styles from different eras to bring your unique personality into your home. For a contemporary look with a nostalgic spin, opt for pastel colours with a modern, smoky undertone. Try Resene Shabby Chic, Resene Crowdpleaser and Resene Secrets.

Texture FX

Experiment with paint effects and add texture to your dining space. Taking care to produce a tonal look, apply Resene Duck Egg Blue as a base colour and introduce texture with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium in Resene Rolling Stone.

Dark intimacy

For an intimate space, do not hesitate to dive deep into darker hues. Introduce visual warmth into your home with the fiery Resene Mocha. Darkened terracottas and rusts are versatile hues that work well in both cool and warm colour schemes. Darker hues such as Resene Cinnamon have the ability to alter your perception of a space and can turn an open, cold space into one of comfort and elegance.



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