Lou Heller's 5 autumn wardrobe must-haves

Jag Billie Denim Shirt - RRP $190 Jag

Isabel Marant Luz Pouch - RRP $995 from Seletti Concept Store

Valeré Eternal Earrings - RRP $299 from Superette

Rotate Sunday Iris Crewneck - RRP $279 from Workshop

Levi's Wedgie Straight Jean - RRP $179 from Muse

Lou Heller's 5 autumn wardrobe must-haves

Stylist extraordinaire Lou Heller says this season she's really focusing on luxurious items that can be worn every day, finding that casual look and dressing it up.

1. Military denim shirt

There’s always been the ‘chambray skirt and thick denim shirt’ style, and this is an evolution of that. It’s about owning the fact that it’s an androgynous, shapeless, structured, military-style garment: the more oversized, the better. Then you wear it in a real feminine way – heels, skinny jeans, clutch. It’s juxtaposition, and it’s a timeless look.

2. Soft clutch

Hard clutches are defined by the night, but the clutch handbag deserves a place in the daylight. Going soft means you can wear it through the day and hold it close to your body in comfort. There’s a vibe of luxe, and it’s ‘everyday’ at the same time.

3. Gold punchy accents

I’m loving everything chunky. Chunky necklaces, chunky earrings. Chunky gold jewellery can elevate any outfit. These things that are normally seen as ‘expensive’ and precious should be brought out into everyday wear – why not? Find items within your budget and wear them out to lift your look.

4. Luxe sweater

Yeah, everyone’s sick of hanging out at home in homewear, but the flipside of last year’s lockdowns is that fashion has taken a massive turn: we’re comfortable being comfortable. But we also want to dress it up. Put on some trackpants and elevate them with a blazer, or this sweater with a leather skirt and heels. There’s a sporty element to this look, and you can make it more feminine with things like jewellery, bright red jeans, and getting your hair done.

5. Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

The Levi’s Wedgies have made a real comeback. It’s really well-made and well-priced denim, they’re flattering, they come in every colour, and hit that sweet balance between ‘new-age mum jeans’ and something that actually looks really cool.




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