Stylist Lou Heller tells us how we can take charge of our own style

Stylist Lou Heller tells us how we can take charge of our own style

You’re the best person to take charge of your own style. A good stylist is just here to support you on your journey of change.

We don’t really need stylists.

This may be a strange thing for a professional fashion stylist to say, but honestly, I’m just here because we don’t trust our gut when it comes to fashion.

Styling is about feeling empowered to be yourself. By finding styles that suit you, you’ll feel like you can stop hiding behind unshapely, dark and bland clothing. Your wardrobe is a mirror to how you feel. We feel more sexy, strong and empowered when we wear things that suit us.

I created Your Style Journal to help anyone find those flattering items that they love, no matter what style you enjoy, and whether you’re size 4 or size 24 or more. Armed with the journal, you don’t need me, though I am here to support you when you need it.

One of the tenets of the journal is that you don’t need to follow trends. All trends are doing is repeating, repeating, repeating. The people at the top are genuinely creative and doing cool new things, but by the time it filters down to the retailers they just feel like they have to push new trends every season to get more sales.

So what, then, if we shouldn’t follow trends? I’m all about helping you find your own style, and clothing and accessories that you love and that look great on you. I teach you the fundamentals of why you’re not wearing the clothes you’ve already bought, and help you discover how to shop more consciously so you’re only buying what you need, not what you want.

Women in particular tend to ask shop staff how something looks and trust their judgement. Well, no, that’s not how it should be. You decide how it looks. With a few key tips and rules up your sleeve, you can become your best true self and buy something for the right reasons, not so you can fit in.

I had a message from a client the other day who was so excited and literally screamed into the phone that she’s bought a metallic gold skirt. That was a carefully considered bold move, and she’s feeling great about it. What’s your next bold move?

Lou’s 7 winter fashion staples

1. A good coat. There’s so much great choice out there now, but I’m loving plaid at the moment because it’s quite neutral.

2. A fine piece of knitwear. A dress, top, or whatever you like – it’s perfect for layering underneath jackets.

3. Combat boots. Or any pair of boots you can rock in a day and night situation.

4. Patterned tights. Warm and cool!

5. A skirt. Skirt style is an individual preference, but a midi skirt is great because you can wear your wicked boots and tights with it.

6. A scarf. Always handy in winter.

7. Jewellery. Something gold to make bland winter outfits pop.

Lou Heller is available for personal styling and talks. She is the creator of Your Style Journal – six downloadable modules breaking down Lou’s own knowledge step-by-step, with space for you to journal your own thoughts. It also comes with access to videos, updates and a private Facebook group supporting you to make your own style decisions with confidence. Get it at


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