The 10 best fashion podcasts to check out in 2021

The 10 best fashion podcasts to check out in 2021

Fashion is a massive topic and a huge part of our world, and there’s just so much to know about it. Luckily What's Hot New Zealand has the lowdown on where to learn more – these top 10 fashion podcast picks have got something for you, whether you’re interested in fashion sustainability, want a look behind the scenes of famous fashion houses, insights into the latest trends, or just want to talk about the outrageous outfits worn by celebrities.

Fashion Victims

Fashion, gossip and news – that’s the backbone of this delightfully tongue-in-cheek project covering ‘why we’re tired of J Lo’s Versace dress’ and ‘are Kim Kardashian’s Skims the new corset?’. If you’re after commentary on film and television costuming, witty discussion of the Met Gala outfits and the latest news from fashion weeks around the globe, this is the highly entertaining place for it.

In Vogue: The 1990s

It’s official: the fashion of the ‘90s is back, and while kids these days are rocking baby tees and bucket hats, this special edition podcast from the fashion gurus at Vogue takes us back to the origins of grunge, colourful tracksuits, and how hip-hop, supermodels and the red carpet suddenly began to influence fashion trends.

Dior Talks

A fascinating look behind the curtain at a legendary brand, and the women who have influenced it. This series of mini-collections delves into the iconic fashion house’s identity, covering a range of topics from feminism to art to the key women in Christian Dior’s life.

The Cutting Room Floor

The fashion industry’s enormous environmental impact and systematic racism are just two of the controversial topics this pod fearlessly tackles. One for anyone interested in a career in fashion, The Cutting Room Floor aims to provide some insight on the industry from within. Hosted by New York-based designer Recho Omondi.

Articles of Interest

Why doesn’t womenswear have pockets already? Are fashion knockoffs the creations of heroes or villains? The narrative arcs of this miniseries feel as compelling as a murder mystery, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Each instalment covers a different aspect of fashion, from the rise of casual wear to broader topics like Hawaiian shirts and the fantasy of fashion.

So...What Do You Do Again?

If you’re a young person of colour wanting to break into fashion, this is a must-listen – and even if you’re not, this intimate and candid insight into the journeys of women of colour in the fashion industry will have you captivated from the first episode. Host Naomi Elizée, Vogue’s market editor, shares her knowledge of the hiring landscape as well as delving into the obstacles often faced by her guests – from models to celebrity stylists – on their paths to the top.

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

Hosted by Clare Press of Vogue Australia, this podcast explores the undeniable role the fashion industry plays in the climate crisis. Along the way, Clare examines some of the other ethical issues in fashion, such as representation and gender roles, with a focus on the people who are truly leading the way to a more sustainable fashion future.

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes, the former editor of Vogue International, conducts in-depth interviews with top designers, thinkers and executives in fashion. With guests ranging from Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri to Christian Louboutin, Suzy’s conversations offer fascinating and inspirational looks into some of the most creative minds in the industry.

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard

This one’s all about feeling good in the skin you’re in, from the model and activist who made headlines with her strongly-worded public letter to the model agency that told her she was ‘too big’ to work in the fashion industry. Charli Howard tells her own story as well as discussing body positivity, the alarmingly low pay in some areas of the industry, and other areas where she thinks the fashion world needs a good old-fashioned calling out.

Fashion Revolution Podcast

We may be familiar with all the big names in fashion, but what about the people who actually make the clothes we wear every day? This podcast turns the focus to the workers behind the scenes, through a year-long investigation and series of interviews by fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard. The stories of 540 garment workers in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia weaves the fabric of this hard-hitting project, leaving you with plenty to think about once you’re finished.

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