Tourism NZ releases mindful NZ nature album

Tourism NZ releases mindful NZ nature album

Mindful Journeys is a Spotify album released by Tourism NZ.

Narrated by James Rickard, the master carver at Te Puia Rotorua, each of the four tracks features the real sounds of water, air, birds and insects at peaceful New Zealand destinations. The first track starts with the sound of waves crashing on beaches in the far north, and moves south through iconic sonic destinations like Rotorua, the West Coast, Central Otago and the Marlborough Sounds.

On the journey, you’ll be reminded of New Zealand’s most relaxing soundscapes, from mud bubbling away softly in Rotorua, to the songs of our native birds and earthy whistles of wind on the forest floor.

“We wanted to remind New Zealanders of the calm and serenity that can be found on their back doorstep,” says Brodie Reid, Director of Marketing for Tourism New Zealand. The sound of nature has been proven to help people relax, physically changing the mind and having a positive impact on the nervous system. It’s great for holiday ideas too. “The tracks may even inspire Kiwis to explore parts of our inherently calming landscape that they haven’t visited before,” says Reid.


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