Rental cars

Milford Road, Fiordland | Photo: Tourism New Zealand

Rental cars

You can find rental offices at airports, ferry terminals and city depots, providing the convenience of starting your holiday as soon as you arrive and allowing you to get off the beaten path.

For road tripping in our glorious country, driving yourself is a great option, and rental cars can help if you’re flying to your start destination.

Campers are also popular, saving you money on accommodation and allowing you freedom to bed down on a whim. You can also hire motorcycles, but make sure you’re prepared for changeable weather with protective clothing. Minimum hire ages vary from 21 to 25, and you must hold a valid driver’s licence or an International Driving Permit. Some companies let you pick up a new car on the other side of Cook Strait after you’ve crossed over on the ferry.

For a super-affordable option, look at relocating rental cars and campervans. Transfercar lists cars that need to be moved from one centre to another, and they usually come with a certain amount of free days. For a one-way trip, it’s one of the most affordable ways to get around on your holiday.




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