Yogic sleep: Yoga nidra explained

Yogic sleep: Yoga nidra explained

Veronica King, the queen of Grassroots Yoga & Health, explains just what yoga nidra is, and how this semi-sleeping state of consciousness can benefit us.

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice designed to drop you into a deeply relaxed state. Often translated as ‘yogic sleep’, it follows the biological process of sleep and slows the brainwaves down to the alpha and theta states, and with practice, to the delta state. It’s a series of structured awareness techniques that optimise physical recovery and interrupt stressful thoughts.

It’s generally practiced lying down, and anyone can do it – no prior yoga or meditation experience required. All yoga nidra asks is that you do nothing other than listen and let go of all effort – the hardest part is staying awake. There are different styles of yoga nidra, and ultimately all expressions of this practice support psychological, physical and spiritual healing.

Just like a physical yoga practice, try a few different teachers and styles and find what resonates with you. You need to feel safe, warm and comfortable. Yoga nidra is easily integrated to your daily routine and can make a long-term difference to your coping strategies. There are many classes and teachers in Christchurch, and many free online resources and recordings.

Veronica King is a certified facilitator of the integrative Amrit method of yoga nidra. She teaches a weekly Zoom yoga nidra practice and specialised workshops focused on yoga nidra and mental health at Grassroots Yoga & Health in The Tannery.




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