Christchurch is open for business.

The city has risen, strong and united since the tragic Mosque shootings. We’ve been amazed and heartened by the coming together of our community during this awful time, to support each other and really shine as a city. Our office is based in Christchurch and our dedication and devotion to this amazing place we call home has been reinforced.

The city is still open for business, and while many are in mourning, many more are moving forward and not letting one individual act affect our lives. There is an increased police presence around the city, and while it’s unusual for New Zealand police to be visibly armed, we’ve noted that many are also wearing flowers. This is how we respond as New Zealanders – practically but with empathy and compassion.

You are most welcome to visit our city – in fact, we encourage it! Our people are friendly, kind, and inclusive and we would love to see you. You will, as always, be most welcome.
For the most current information on travel, memorials and ways that you can be involved or show support, visit the Christchurch City Council website.


Trade enquiries can also be made to ChristchurchNZ