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Exhibition connects with what isn’t there

One of Christchurch Art Gallery’s best-loved paintings, Petrus van der Velden’s 1872 work Burial in the Winter on the Island of Marken, also ...



Q&A: Resin artist Ann Ciciani

Ann Ciciani tells us a little bit about art, resin, her dog, and getting ready for the Christcurch Art Show. Tell us a bit about you – who is ...


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New Zealand Fashion Week 2021: Bonus Miromoda show added to the lineup

New Zealand Fashion Week is gearing up for an unforgettable event in August, and there will now be two appearances of the popular Miromoda ...


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Q&A: Artist Heather Straka on women in power

Heather Straka’s art series Dissected Parlour is not in a gallery, but rather on the walls at Mod’s Hair in Merivale, Christchurch. She talks to ...


Culture | See & Do

On the Art Trail

New Zealand is perhaps best known worldwide for its spectacular natural landscapes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cultural wasteland! Far from ...

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