NZ Culture

Blending Maori, European, Pacific and Asian cultures, New Zealand has a rich multicultural identity and a diverse artistic tradition that ranges from Kiwiana kitsch to traditional Maori crafts and world-famous cinema.

Modern New Zealand uniquely combines this diverse mix of cultural and historical influences to create a national culture that’s all its own. In this section you can read a little more on the country’s fascinating contemporary culture, including its diverse range of artistic output and achievements in a range of arts fields such as film, music, cinema, and the visual arts.

Maori culture is not just a huge influence on the New Zealand arts scene, but an absolutely integral part of New Zealand culture and society as a whole, and taking the time to explore its rich cultural traditions – in art, language, performance, food, and much more – is simply a must-do for any overseas visitor.

New Zealand has a relatively short human history, but a fascinating one, and there’s plenty on offer in the country to pique the interest of history buffs, or those just curious about learning more about the past events in and development of this nation in isolation at the bottom of the world. Or cut straight to the chase with a quick rundown of New Zealand’s historical timeline.