New Zealand’s is a country that takes a good coffee seriously – in fact, New Zealanders abroad are often heard to complain that they can’t get a decent one anywhere! Cafes range from tried-and-true institutions to hipster hangouts, Sunday-drive destinations to throw into the GPS, and even establishments with a bit of tradition and old-world elegance where pinky fingers should definitely stay off teacups. There’s often a host of options to suit your preferences, or even just your mood. Drive past that service station and find somewhere that will make that morning coffee with some love!

In the big centres, you can’t go five minutes in any direction without tripping over some respectfully treated coffee beans and tasty bites from the cabinet or menu – you’ll discover everything from the humble-but-legendary cheese roll to big all-day breakfasts and sophisticated meals made from fresh, local ingredients. Dozens of boutique roasters around the nation often run a café at the site of their own roastery, and smaller towns often boast a legendary establishment that’s the go-to for any stopover.