Craft Beers

There are dozens of craft breweries around New Zealand, each doing their own quirky and often award-winning things and making the country’s overall beer scene a varied and surprising one, with plenty of interesting, delicious things to try. Nelson rumbles with Wellington in the contest to claim the title of “Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand” – there are a number of options to tour the Nelson/Tasman region’s breweries, while the nation’s capital is packed with acclaimed micro-breweries and serious beer pubs, with many handily in the same small area around the CBD and Te Aro. Craft beer is also increasingly booming in Christchurch, and in addition to being home to most of the country’s big commercial brewing operations, Auckland nevertheless still has plenty of room for the smaller, more unique brewers alongside the big boys.

You can often try new and seasonal brews at the breweries themselves, in an increasing number of excellent dedicated craft beer pubs (many knocking out their own in house brews), or from specialist craft beer bottle stores and filleries.