What would you name a baby rhino?

Auckland Zoo wants help naming its cute-as-all-heck three-week-old rhino calf.

Life has been pretty exciting for Auckland Zoo’s new rhino calf. She recently ventured out into Auckland Zoo’s African Savannah habitat for the first time, where she took a took her first dip into the moisturising mud wallow with her mum Jamila. Now locals have the chance to pick a name for the calf, and the winner will receive a year’s pass to the zoo.

Like the rest of her zoo whānau, the team are looking to give her a name that relates to where her counterparts are from in the wild. Jamila, her mum’s name, means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, and her dad Zambezi is named after the river that feeds Africa’s mighty Victoria Falls.

Head over to Auckland Zoo’s Facebook post and comment your name idea, along with the meaning behind it and why you chose it. Get in before midnight on Sunday to make sure it gets considered. The ungulates team, who look after all the hooved animals in the pride lands including giraffes, rhinos and zebras, will announce the winner next Thursday. Good luck!