Q&A: High Flyers

Much loved Melbourne musos The Paper Kites are flying our way after releasing their fourth album On the Corner Where You Live in September last year. What’s Hot New Zealand managed to drop them a line during their European tour before they land in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

You’ve worked with a few producers, at home in Melbourne and in the States. How did those experiences differ and/or shape your sound? The sounds are often shaped by the experience and the surroundings. We’ve found recording at home difficult, as the creator process is interrupted by home life, work and family. It’s been nice to fully immerse ourselves in the last few albums and return home with a finished project.

You seem pretty prolific in creating material, much of which never makes it to albums. What happens to all that great material? It stays around, there have been songs that we’ve reworked and brought back. Maybe one day we’ll release a rarities and B-sides.

You have been making music together for nearly a decade – what’s it like working that closely with the same bunch of people for that long? It’s the worst! Nah it’s great. We’re like family. Dependable, fun, annoying and inspiring.

Who’s got the most annoying habits? What are they? Raz breathes real loud through his nose when he eats. Haha.

Your music videos are as beautifully crafted as your songs – who comes up with the vision for your videos? We’ve done some ourselves early on. But we’ve outsourced production lately. Sam still has most of the creative direction for the videos though.

Quickfire … What are you currently: Listening to? Slum Village.

Eating? M&M’s.

Drinking? Water.

Smelling? Stale tour van.

Wearing? 2-day-old socks.

What can Christchurch expect from your performance? A cracking good time with new tunes and some old faves.

March 27, Blue Smoke, Christchurch
March 28, San Fran, Wellington
March 29, The Tuning Fork, Auckland