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New Zealand is an increasingly diverse, multicultural nation that in modern times blends up a heady mix of Māori, European, Pacific and Asian cultures and serves up a cultural cocktail that’s not quite like anything else you’ll find in the world. The country’s unique blend of cultural influences makes for a vibrant national identity that values innovation, independence and celebrating diversity, and offers a similarly diverse range of cultural and artistic experiences. New Zealand’s lucky spot in the beautiful blue Pacific lends a distinctive flavour to life in New Zealand – Auckland has a larger Polynesian population than any other city in the world and the influences of Pacific Island culture are clearly evident. Significant migration to New Zealand from Asian countries is also increasingly reflected in the country’s cultural make-up via everything from festivals to cuisine, businesses, and special events. The most significant and unique element of the nation’s cultural make-up though is its indigenous Māori culture – a strong  element of cultural identity for all New Zealanders, Pākehā (New Zealanders of European descent) included.

This cultural mix makes for a healthy arts scene that includes everything from contemporary visual arts to a thriving performing arts scene, an increasingly renowned local film industry, a strong sense and respect for the country’s heritage, and a fascinating and unique blend of traditional cultural arts.

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