The skin microbiome: It's like the rainforest of the face.

The skin microbiome: It's like the rainforest of the face.

You’ve probably heard all about probiotics that help gut health in the form of supplements, kombucha or sauerkraut. We also have important ‘good bacteria’ on our skin. Support your skin microbiome with O Cosmedics O-Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray.

The skin microbiome is an invisible community of microorganisms that act like a security guard to protect our skin from hostile bacteria and viruses. The skin’s microbiome, also known as the skin flora, harbours around 300 bacterial species and is the second largest microbial community after the gut microbiome. Think of it as a delicate ecosystem, like the rainforest.

The diverse species of bacteria support the microbiome’s health and keeps the ecosystem functioning. Just like antibiotics and certain foods can mess with our gut flora – soaps, chemicals, pollution, weather, medications and environmental factors can throw off our skin’s microbiome by destroying good bacteria, leading to skin inflammation, acne and other conditions. Doctors have even linked microbiome health to eczema and rosacea, detecting that sufferers have a different microbiome to those without. 

Supporting a healthy skin barrier with a balanced skin microbiome will boost immunity, oxygen uptake and hydration and reduce sensitivity, dryness, lines and inflammation. In other words, restoring balance means saying hello to youthful, luminous skin.

The O-Biome Hydrating and Setting Spray from O Cosmedics protects and nurtures the skin’s microbiome and pH, as well as hydrating the skin and boosting oxygen uptake. The spray's active ingredient, OXY229, is 98% natural in origin, combing yeast and amino acids to regulate sebum and reduce levels of a sebum-loving bacterium called Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii that is associated with inflammation. OXY229 also feeds the good bacteria in the skin, while helping to provide essential nutrients for an environment it can flourish in. Simply spray over the face after cleansing or after makeup as a setting spray.

For more information about how to keep your skin healthy and luminous, visit Probeauty's advanced beauty hub.



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