This is Aotearoa

Mount Cook over Lake Pukaki | Photo: Casey Horner

This is Aotearoa

The Pacific nation of New Zealand is an exciting destination offering the perfect blend of sophisticated culture, fine food and wine, adventure activities and incredible wild places.

There are highlights in every corner of the nation, whether you’re travelling top to bottom or exploring one area in depth. Located in the South Pacific, New Zealand may look far away on the map, but it’s really just a flight away from some of the world’s major cities: Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai. And once you’re here, you’ll discover a technologically and socially advanced nation offering the facilities you’re used to at home – in a landscape that’s out of this world! The total land area is about 268,000 square kilometres – similar to the UK or Japan – yet the population is about 4.8 million (compared with about 127 million in Japan). As in most developed nations, the majority of people live in cities, meaning that vast areas are sparsely populated. In New Zealand, it’s easy to escape the madding crowd!


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