Q&A: Kings

Hip-hop sensation Kings is bringing his full show to different venues around New Zealand for the first time throughout August 2019. He tells What’s Hot New Zealand he’s keen to show off his new material, and also just have some fun.

This is your first time headlining your own show in New Zealand – what took you so long? Haha, great question! I’m not sure to be honest. I always hated when someone said you “have to” do something. And I would more often than not do the complete opposite. My agent and management at the time didn’t rush to put a tour on either so I never thought much of it. But as an artist, I’m well prepared and experienced now to put on a dope show.

Are you looking forward to taking your music to some new audiences on this tour? I’ve taken control of each aspect of the show and can’t wait to show the time and effort that’s gone into it. I’m really excited to get on stage.

What can you tell us about the band you are bringing with you? I could tell you plenty of things but let’s keep the interview PG. They’re a good bunch. I’ve been working alongside my bro, Regal Drums, for years. We studied at MAINZ together. Adam (keys) I met through Regal and we’ve been playing together since my first single, ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’, dropped.

With this show you have had a lot more input into the staging and design – is that something you want to do more of? I think it’s something that was necessary. I’m very hands-on with my work and I like to understand each aspect of my career from the stage to the accounts, logistics and creative. I think it’s important. It’s a much longer process but the end result will be how it was intended.

Will you be testing new ideas and material with your NZ tour? I’m in this funny place where I’ve released three albums independently and not toured so there’s a lot I had to cram in and at the same time show off new material.

If you get any free time do you have any plans for what you will do? Burger King.

Who’s your personal hero? The average man/woman. Just getting by, doing what they gotta do, every day for their families. That’s a super power, bro.

How did you get your break into the industry? I can’t say I know how the “big break” happened. I can tell you that I knew in my heart I was going to be successful in some aspect of music and worked tirelessly toward that. The rest fell into place. I had great people around me, awesome support from family and friends and a drive that is unmatched in my opinion.

What album do you have on high rotation at the moment? Chris Brown released an album recently (Indigo) with 32 tracks so I’m chewing away at that. So far it’s a little repetitive but the beats are dope. And working away at the tour set every day.

Any pre- or post-show rituals? Pre shows I have a Red Bull and vodka with the band. Post shows I go back to the hotel and WORK. But considering this is my first tour, I’m sure I’ll celebrate a couple for sure.

Sounds like this might be our last chance to see you for a while – what’s in store for you on the international scene? That’s the aim, to break into the Australia/Asia markets.

August 16 – Blue Smoke, Christchurch
August 17 – Starters Bar, Dunedin

August 22 – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington
August 23 – Totara Street, Tauranga
August 24 – Tuning Fork – Spark Arena, Auckland